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10 Reasons Dad Needs His Own Carrier This Holiday

Let's face it. That carrier he's been grabbing?  Not his. It's yours. And every time you get it back, you have to adjust the buckles, fix the straps, wiggle and shift and play till things are just right again. When your carrier is something you use every day (or even weekly) that's a whole lot of readjusting... but there's more - from the tag team of Jess and Eric, owners of Biddle and Bop, here are 10 reasons that Dad needs his own carrier this holiday:

1. Your carrier smells like you. It's very confusing for baby, and even toddlers when up in the carrier sometimes forget who is wearing them. This is obviously very traumatizing for everyone, but mostly if baby tries to latch on Dad.

2. Not everyone likes purple carriers. Personally, I prefer black and white. Strong, simple, and goes with what I normally wear. Eric, on the other hand, likes his purple Tula and that Beco with the little gold birds. More power to him.

3. We're not the same size. Jess tightens my carrier down so far that I can barely squeeze an arm in, and, if we're being honest, we may have had a few near misses setting up a back carry because I look like Chris Farley. Not cool. Could I remember to loosen those straps before I put *cough* MY carrier back on after she uses it? History says... no. 

4. We have more than one kid. Amazingly, having been worn since both, they both achieved the ability to walk at the normal time, however, also amazingly, they tend to loose that ability whenever a) playground time is done and there's a long walk back, b) naptime has been missed, c) they have sniffles/growth spurts/teething, d) they haven't seen Dad in a while and just want little bonding time.

5. It's a status symbol. If you follow any babywearing boards or groups, you might be aware of such a thing as Stash Shot Saturday, or, simply the ability for men to post a photo and get 100x more likes then mom gets. Fair? No. Sexist? Yes. But let's roll with it for a second, because I only post on facebook 5x a year and 3 of those times are actually Jess with my login... so if I post a photo of my carrier or better yet, me wearing my kids in MY carrier, 100x the likes is a good thing.

6. It makes him want to wear more. Easy is good. If he has to adjust my carrier, he's way more apt to leave it in the car and just carry the kiddo in arms, which, in turn means I'm carrying everything else, kiddo is still not very comfy (and probably less likely to fall asleep), and then he's headed to bed early because his back hurts. We work really hard for those few hours of peaceful bonding time, and by bonding I mean binge watching Hulu...

7. He looks really good in his own carrier. Better than in mine, which looks like he borrowed it, thereby making it look like he's doing my job. His job, his carrier.

8. Having more carriers means more resale value later. Don't think about it too hard.

9. More carriers = less wear and tear on each. 

10. He secretly wants one anyway, even if he'll never ask.

Shop carriers for Dads now (Ok, there are no Dad carriers. Just let him pick one. Or pick one for him, we're sure he'll love having his own.)

November 19, 2015 by Jessica Schaefer

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